V Moscow International Conference
«Molecular Phylogenetics
and Biodiversity Biobanking»

25-28 August, 2018
Lomonosov State University
Moscow, Russia

V Moscow International Conference «Molecular Phylogenetics and Biodiversity Biobanking» MolPhy 5

Dear colleagues,

you are welcome to participate in the V Moscow International Conference «Molecular Phylogenetics and Biodiversity Biobanking MolPhy-5», which will take place at Moscow State University during 25-28 August, 2018.

The «Molecular Phylogenetics» series is organized to provide a stimulating platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences in contemporary phylogenetics, evolutionary genomics, and bioinformatics of molecular evolution. This round the program also places emphasis on genomics of biodiversity, and various aspects of establishing and sustaining banks of molecular data and tissue samples for biodiversity research. This interface of many disciplines is rapidly developing, and is identified as an inter-faculty initiative of Moscow State University funded by the Russian Science Fund. Primary organizers are Moscow State University and the Russian Academy of Sciences with support from other established organizations.

The major scope includes:

  • Evolutionary genomics
  • Molecular phylogenetics and systematics
  • Genomics of biodiversity
  • Biobanking
  • Molecular dating and scenarios of coevolution
  • Evolution and development (evo-devo)
  • Models and algorithms for molecular evolution
  • Molecular ecology and biogeography
  • Applied phylogenetics

We welcome attendees internationally from academia, Research & Development, and service companies. Plenary speakers are invited by the Committee. The speakers of last rounds can be found in archive sections at MolPhy-4, MolPhy-3, MolPhy-2, MolPhy-1.

Young researchers and students are encouraged to participate. Section and poster presentations are selected by the Committee based on the authors’ choice during the submission process, abstracts review and current program configuration. The Committee reserves the right to change the presentation type and inform the author(s). The program allocates 15 min to a session talk, plus 5 min for discussion. Posters are showcased during the conference time but there is a dedicated poster session to gather the discussion.

The conference languages are English and Russian, depending on populating particular sessions.


The conference is hosted by the Faculty of Biology located in the green area of the University campus facing the Botanical Garden. 

Please find information on how to locate the campus and other travel datails under the VENUE section.

Registration starts at 08:00 on Saturday, August 25, in the hall of auditorium M-1. Self-explanatory signs should assist you. You will be able to register at any time during working days of the conference. 

The registration desk is also your all-in-one information counter, so please feel free to address with any question.

Welcome, and see you at MolPhy-5!