Call for Abstracts

Accepted abstracts will be published in the conference book with ISBN.

All abstracts will be assigned a doi with concurrent indexing in the Russian Science Citation Index (РИНЦ).

Russian-speaking authors are welcome to also submit a Russian version of the English abstract, which will be assigned a doi at no extra charge.

You can upload up to three abstracts per registered author.

Section and poster presentations are selected by the Committee based on the authors’ choice during online submission, abstracts review and the current program configuration. The Committee reserves the right to change the presentation type and inform the author(s).

The program will allocate 15 min to a session talk, plus 5 min for discussion. Please, gauge your presentation accordingly to ensure that each speaker has equal opportunity to present. The format of multimedia presentations must be MS PowerPoint or Adobe PDF (recommended for MAC|Linux users). Each speaker should bring a presentation on a USB flash preferably well before his talk for the technical personnel to test it locally. Own computers are not allowed.

Poster guidelines

Poster presentations should be no larger than ANSI D (22 × 34 inches) or ISO A1 (60 x 85 cm). For easier perception and identification, a poster should contain a clear heading (font size min 70), clear listing of the authors with a photograph of actual participant (his name in the list must be underlined), contact information, and clear self-explanatory contents designed to contain graphic forms (figures, charts, etc.) when possible to describe research.

Abstract guidelines

Main text

  • Text format: rich text format (.rtf).
  • Line spacing: single (1.0).
  • Field margins: left and right – 2.5 cm, upper and lower– 2.0 cm.
  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt.
  • Indentation: none.
  • Abstract text alignment: justify. Heading alignment: center.
  • Title: sentence case.
  • Authors’ names: sentence case. First names (or initials) precede last names. Different superscript indices after the last names should mark the authors’ affiliations, which are to be stated below. No indices are required if the affiliation is the same.
  • Affiliations: sentence case, font size 10 pt. Organizations are listed in the order of superscript indices and supplemented with a postal address, city and country. Please provide a full organization name.
  • Contact information: separate line, sentence case, font size 10 pt. E-mail address is compulsory, but you may wish to also provide a telephone or/and fax number.
  • The presenting author should be underlined.
  • The abstract body size (without headings) should not exceed 1700 characters (with spaces) if no illustration is uploaded, and 1300 characters (with spaces) – if there is one.
  • If you include formulas or any special characters, please convert them to graphics and insert as picture objects in the text. Hyphenation is not allowed. Species and genus names are italicized.

Names of uploaded files should correspond to the first author name. E.g., author1.rtf, author1.tif; author2.rtf, author2.tif, if the same first author co-authors more than one submission.


If you wish to illustrate your research, you can provide graphics or a table (mutually exclusive) during online submission. Graphic figures are uploaded separately as tagged image format files (.tif, .tiff) with resolution 600 dpi. Tables, table legends or figure legends are provided at the bottom of the main abstract text, and are not uploaded separately.

Please use this template as a guide to your abstract preparation.